Full Name Operina Ornatto
Aliases Opera Ornatto, Crazy Trisker
Gender Female
Race Australian
Species Human
Birthdate Unknown
Age Unknown
Height 5'5"
Weight 136 lbs.
Hair Pink
Eyes Brown
Affiliation The Syndicate
Occupation Death Agent
Headquarters The Syndicate
Debut Volume 1, Chapter 1

"Burn the earth."

Operina Ornatto, better known as Opera Ornatto, Agent Opera, or the Crazy Trisker, is a protagonist in the Full Outlaw Pair manga. She is Head of the Syndicate's Fire Squad.


Operina is a teenager of average height. She has medium brown eyes and pink messy hair worn at about shoulder length. As she has an obsession with fire, much of her wardrobe consists of clothing based around fire or heat, with a black Death Agent's jacket worn overtop.


Operina's personality isn't very stable throughout, though this is due to the slight insanity she has from her past. For the most part, Operina is very calm and reserved, not getting involved in other people's issues. She is, however, an embodiment of pyromania, and is prone to moments in which she tries to burn everything around her.

Operina also appears to have multiple personality disorder - Operina being her normal personality, and Opera as the pyromaniac.


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Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Enhanced Endurance: Content here.


Firebringers: Content here.


Operina Ornatto has encountered a number of characters in the series, the most noted listed below:

Delta V. AnskelveinEdit

Main article: Delta V. Anskelvein

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Delta's Group
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