Full Name Nerei Goh
Aliases Dr. Nerei Goh, Witch
Gender Female
Race German
Species Human
Birthdate Unknown
Age Unknown
Height 5'2"
Weight 124 lbs.
Hair Black
Eyes Purple
Affiliation The Syndicate
Occupation Death Agent
Headquarters The Syndicate
Debut Volume 1, Chapter 2

"Anything... in the name of science."

Dr. Nerei Goh is a world traveling doctor who also serves as Head of the Syndicate's Recon Squad.


Nerei is an slightly short Death Agent who appears to be in her late twenties. She has medium length black hair and purple eyes, over which she wears large square glasses. A large purple cross pendant hangs from her right ear. Most notably, however, Nerei has two large stitches running the length of her face: one continuing down from her right eye, and another running up from the right side of her mouth, forming a cross.

Nerei is always seen wearing her black Death Agent's jacket, and an entirely dark outfit beneath.


Nerei is a typical mad scientist played to the extreme, as she has stated that she will do anything in the name of science, despite the legal and/or moral consequences. She is responsible for most of the Syndicate's bodily modifications, including her entire Squad as well as herself. Nerei commonly shows a sadistic side to allies and enemies alike, exploiting their emotional weak points and shortcomings and threatening them with violent torture methods.

Despite her not-so-personable demeanor though, Nerei has shown to care for her comrades and human life in general. She has vowed to herself to never allow someone to die, even if they are an enemy.


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Powers & AbilitiesEdit

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The GuilloteamEdit

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Nerei Goh has encountered a number of characters in the series, the most noted listed below:

Delta V. AnskelveinEdit

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Operina OrnattoEdit

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The Syndicate
Heads: Viu Anskelvein · Opera Ornatto · Dr. Nerei Goh · Tsun Ali Glasov · Reaper · Julielle Law

Rock Peace · Muse Faith · Headmaster · Jinku · Amy Maron

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